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Choose A Card To Reveal Unresolved Karma From A Past Life

3 blue watercolor cards

Have you ever noticed that there are certain areas in your life that you continue to be challenged with, no matter how much you try to work at these challenges? You may be working through karma from another lifetime that your soul chose to heal and complete in this lifetime.

Once we have insight into the
karmic theme, we can understand why we are experiencing some of the difficulties that have been a theme throughout our lives. There are several general themes that people are here to work through, such as; trust, self-worth, poverty, health, spiritual beliefs, and healthy relationships, to name a few.

Select the Card That You Resonate With To Find Out What Your Unresolved Karmic Theme Is.

Watercolor blue swirl

1. Letting Go and Moving On From Unhealthy Relationships In a past life, you spent most of your time alone, isolated, and felt abandoned by others. This is why you cherish your relationships and will do anything to prevent the dissolution of any relationship. You sometimes can only see the good or the potential for that person, and it is difficult for you to let go of that ideal when the relationship becomes out of balance and, unfortunately, sometimes toxic. When this happens to you, you tend to hold on and fight for the relationship longer than necessary and healthy. This is due to your fear of being alone or not having the approval of others. Identifying the red flags and warning signs will save you pain, heartache, and disappointment. The challenge may be in any or all of your relationships; family, friends, romantic, or co-workers.

Blue & yellow swirl image

2. Second Guessing Yourself, Self-Sabotaging Yourself and your Goals - In a past life, you took many leaps of faith, and those not well-thought-out springs brought unfortunate results for you. Your decisions had put yourself and others in danger financially and physically. These mistakes caused you not to trust yourself during a previous lifetime and have carried over into the present. There are several ways to work through this issue, such as; taking your time with your decisions and documenting successful and wise decisions and actions you have made in the recent past. Another suggestion is to ask only a few people for their opinions and advice. Seeking too much guidance outside of yourself will cause you more confusion.

Blues and swirls

3. Difficulty With Trusting In Others - You were the victim of deception and dishonesty many times in your previous lifetime. The deception caused you to be guarded, at times confused, with whom you can trust, and because of that confusion, you may have placed your faith in others who have betrayed you. In this lifetime, you will have attracted people who will test your faith and trust in them. The key is to pay attention to your gut feelings and to believe people when they show you exactly who they are. The signs are always there, maybe not at the beginning, but there are always there for us to see. It is always best to take your time warming up to people as you build relationships with them. After 3 months, you will know precisely where their integrity is, and you can decide whether they are worthy of being in your inner or outer circle, friends or acquaintances. 

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