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Choose One Card To Reveal What Your Higher Self Wants You To Know

3 cards, a star, a finger, a hand

​Our Higher Self is always present and guiding each and every one of us. One way to receive messages from our Higher Self is by using divination tools such as symbols.

To Retrieve Your Message:


1. Take a deep breath
2. Focus on the area above your head (your crown chakra)
3. Select the symbol that is calling to you
4. Allow yourself some time for your individual message to fully resonate with you

Although there are 3 symbols to choose from, everyone's interpretation will be different and will resonate with everyone's individual life situations.

Black star symbol on a muted background

1.  A seed that has fantastic and ginormous potential for you in the distant future will be planted today. This idea/seed will take time, planning, and patience. Allow the details to come to you without forcing this brilliant opportunity to come to fruition before it's time.  

black hand pointing at a crystal with tan backgrouns

2. Alrighty, it's time to give up that vice that you know is weighing you down. We all have different vices; caffeine, smoking, drinking, drama...etc. We all have something that we do and or participate in that we know is not good for the soul. Today is the perfect day to redirect that unhealthy behavior and replace it with something positive that is good for the soul.

black and white hand with a moon on a brown background

3. It's judgment day for you. What does this mean? Well, it means several things:

​A. You are about to begin a new phase of your life.
B. Archangel Gabriel is with you at this time.
C. You can cleanse yourself of your wrongdoings if you take time to go within to reflect and take responsibility for your actions and inactions. ​


As you take responsibility for your life and how things look at the present moment, you heal, cleanse and release the negative karma and create good/positive karma in your life.  

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