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The Month You Were Born Reveals Everything About You

12 months of the year

The month in which you were born can reveal more than you think about who you are as a person, both on the inside and the outside. The personality descriptions that follow are for each month of the year. They detail how you often feel and act, how others view you, and your effect on them. 

They’re drawn from astrology, which based the character traits upon how the stars were aligned in the month you were born. 

Many have described this as eerily accurate and fitting, and I can agree since it perfectly tells me. Read on to see if your birth month description matches you, have fun, and enjoy!


January - You are opinionated, headstrong, and driven. You are constantly observing the surrounding world and love learning new things, which you often pass on to others since you’re a natural teacher.


February - You are very creative, abstract, and intellectual. You can be temperamental and aggressive if you feel trapped, but you become charming, honest, and loyal if you feel free and comfortable.


March - You are quiet, reflective, and seek peaceful surroundings. You are courteous to everyone you meet, yet you hide your true feelings and personality from the world.

April - You are strong mentally and physically and rush into things that you sometimes later regret. You crave attention and thrive when all eyes are on you, which may be why you’re also a thrill-seeker.


May - You are strong-willed, beautiful physically and mentally, and sharp as a tack. You can be easily angered but also easily consoled, and often have crazy dreams at night and for your future.


June - You are courteous, polite, and very sensitive. Often you are soft-spoken, so people listen up when you speak, plus you are a visionary with lots of ideas and think far ahead.

August - You are funny, brave, caring, and a natural leader. Your lovable personality and inspiring spirit can sometimes lead to angry outbursts and jealousy, but you bounce back quickly.

September - You are careful, organized, confident, calm, and a perfectionist. You can be critical of others which may alienate them because you expect a lot from people and are stubborn in your ways.


October - You are talkative, socially adept, and full of life and charm. You are independent, and when you get hurt, you recover quickly, perhaps because you’re an optimist and have a positive outlook.


November - You are unique, brave, secretive, and sharp-minded. You rarely get angry and don’t want or need help from anyone else since you motivate yourself. You think that if there is a will, there is a way.


December - You are free-spirited, prideful, loyal, and generous. You are very active and like to be social and play games. You also are impatient, have a short temper, and hate restrictions.

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