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Select One Symbol To See What Your Financial Forecast Looks Like

3 ancient symbols

Keeping our finances flowing and growing is something that most of us try to stay on top of. Each of the following cards brings insight into how things may look for you financially during the next few weeks. Take a moment to center yourself and then select the card that calls to you.

Black ancient symbol

1. Tend To The Seeds You Have Planted - You are currently on the track to long-lasting financial security. Fast and easy does not mean long-lasting financial security for you. In fact, it rarely does for anyone. You are responsible and careful and often take your time thinking things through before making any changes to your career or investments. It would be best for you to continue as you are and where you are because the seeds that you have planted will bear gorgeous, plentiful, and juicy fruit. Keep up the good work!

Black Ancient symbol

2. You Will Feel The Urge To Get Creative With Your Finances  - You will notice that creative ideas for building your financial portfolio are making their way to you through different avenues without even trying. Although most of these ideas are intriguing and have potential, you must not be impulsive and jump at the first idea. Take your time investigating all the potential opportunities; some are solid, and some are a waste of time, and you could suffer a financial setback. After researching all the possibilities, you will find one or two promising opportunities to create a more solid foundation for yourself and your future.

Black ancient symbol

3. An Opportunity To Give Back - There will be an opportunity to monetarily give back to someone less fortunate than you. You may not be at the most abundant place in your life right now, but you are grateful for what you have because you know others are much worse off than you. Things may be a little tight for you right now. However, this is exactly what you need karmically to shift the stagnancy in your finances. Be sure to budget what you can donate comfortably and make sure that you give anonymously to a cause that you believe in. 

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