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Select One Symbol To Find Out What Your Spirit Guide's Message Is For You

3 cards, moon. star, sun

Our spirit guides are non-physical helpers that assist us along our path. They often give us insight and leave us signs as guidance. Sometimes the signs and messages are difficult to decipher. To find out what your spirit guide has to say to you about your path these days, select the symbol that stands out the most to you.

orange moon with green leaves on a light peach card
peach sun surround by moon phases on a light pink card
orange sun coming up over hill on a card

Card 1
A little Vitamin D is the Rx for you these days. Have you been spending a lot of time indoors without the sun shining and warming your face? Or have you been called to spend more time outside in nature? A little nature, a little sun, and a lot of grounding is exactly what your mind, body, and soul need at this time. If at all possible spend at least 20 minutes outside for the next couple of weeks. It will air out some stuffiness that is stuck in your aura.

Card 2
Don't be afraid to be an independent thinker. You may encounter a situation or two where your thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs differ entirely from the rest of the crowd. Just because there are different opinions, it doesn't mean that either party is wrong. Sometimes, the test for us is to trust ourselves pay attention to the inner stirrings of our higher knowing, and follow that internal path. You are in a place right now where you can see things. Trust yourself and pay attention to the signs as everything aligns for you.

Card 3
The advice from your spirit guide is to seek wise counsel from someone you admire who has their s@%t together and has some substantial life experience in the area(s) you have been struggling with. For example, If you are struggling financially, it would be best to seek advice from someone who has been through their financial challenges, made it through, and is now solid in that area. Gaining insight from someone who has been there and has succeeded in overcoming the challenge and aandtheir own behavior and belief systems in that area is invaluable!

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