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6 Signs You’re An Old Soul 

outline of a meditating woman on a watercolor background

There are many people in our lives who are old souls. You may even be one of them. They are wise beyond what their physical appearance or age let on, and their innate knowledge has given them a very developed understanding of the world.

They are often quieter, preferring to observe and learn from a distance while internalizing the lessons and experiences they go through in life.

Old souls radiate a specific, peaceful, stable frequency; they are naturally calming. Many believe they have acquired wisdom from their past lives and that they've been gifted with an enlightened view of our complex world through this.

As it follows, old souls experience and see things differently, which sets them apart. In turn, they also do things differently, and here are some of how this shows:

1. Old souls travel their path through life: 
They are not followers in any sense of the word and never do what may be expected. The typical goals and materialistic inclinations of life are of no interest to them. Instead of success and power, they are after self-realization and happiness. That's why they're often more connected, spiritual, and grounded.


2. Old souls have only a few true lifelong friends:

They often need help connecting with people around their age because they are interested in only some of the things those people do or talk about. Instead, they gravitate towards a select few friends who can truly understand them and their intense nature. They don't waste their time getting to know people they cannot relate to, and it can be said that old souls look for friends they see as kindred souls.

3. Old souls have an unquenchable thirst for learning:

Their passion for all things intellectual and informative is clear from the get-go. They love critical thinking, and any experiences they go through, they will examine in depth to extract important life lessons from them. For an old soul, knowledge brings happiness and power. Having their thoughts challenged is what they live for.


4. Old souls adjust to new situations and surroundings with ease:

They don't like to stand out or make a scene and prefer to hang back and observe. While they aren't anti-social, they view themselves as a misunderstood social outcast. Their natural curiosity leads them to ask many questions, and deeper conversations follow. However, if talk turns idle or superficial, they immediately lose interest. If they cannot steer it back to more meaningful topics, they will end it abruptly and move on.

5. Old souls look beyond the mundane and see the bigger picture:

They filter out the basic everyday details that tend to cloud the thoughts and minds of everyone else. Their vision is clear and uncompromised by material things or selfish vanity, which they see as senseless and unproductive. Instead of focusing on the here and now, they look right past it, way down the line into the future. Thinking far ahead about all possibilities, or the consequences of one's actions, gives them a broader perspective and understanding of the world beyond the present.


6. Old souls are spiritual:

This doesn't mean they are religious devotees or even a part of any organized religion. Instead, they are more in tune with a variety of ancient rituals and traditions which by practicing brings them happiness. Old souls always seek enlightenment through knowledge; spirituality encompasses and fulfills a major part of this.

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