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What Psychic Message Do Your Spirit Guides Have For You At This Time?

3 cards with sun moon flower

Our spirit guides are carefully chosen personal helpers whose job is to make sure we stay on our life paths and evolve our consciousness as we do so. Find out what your spirit guides want you to know at this time in your life by selecting the symbol that you feel an energetic pull towards.

card with a butterfly

1. Sometimes, it's best to wait, gather more information, and maybe test the waters before leaping. This is not one of those times. The advice from Spirit is to be proactive and push the start button. You have already laid the groundwork for the next part of your journey, and it's essential to take action now. No need to ponder for too long, for the conditions are perfect for you right now. Get out there and physically put one foot in front of the other.

card with flower
card with a moon and flower

2. It's Celebration Day! We usually only celebrate the big things and overlook the seemingly small victories we accomplish daily. For today and maybe from this day forward, celebrate everything with a whoop whoop, gratitude, a smile, and a treat. Whatever you do, please stop and embrace the moment of accomplishment. It may be as simple as pairing up your socks after washing the laundry or even completing your tasks before the end of the day. We take so much for granted; for example, Your car is starting right away. What a challenge when it doesn't start correctly! Celebrate it all!

3. Start taking notice of the areas in your body that are sluggish and need TLC. The body is always an extension of what is going on emotionally with us. Instead of ignoring your body's aches and pains, listen to them, identify the emotion and belief system associated with that body part, and do the work. An example of this is - if you have an earache, ask yourself what you do not want to hear or are not listening to what others are trying to communicate to you. Please tune in to your body today, pay attention to what it tells you loud and clear, and then get to work.

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