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Did You Know This About Reincarnation?

Based on Kryon Teachings


Reincarnation is not a system of punishment but a system of love used to develop a higher consciousness through learning.

• You have only 1 soul
• Your Soul comes to earth in expressions
• Earth is a school of consciousness, dark & light
• It is a system of family done in love
• It is not a random system
​• You plan each expression
• The first 15-20 expressions you are considered a newbie
• There are many newbies & old Souls on the planet

​• After 20+ expressions, you are ready for higher concept learning
• The more times you reincarnate, your return time is reduced
• Old Souls can reincarnate in 3 months
• Old Souls are needed on the planet right now
• When you leave this express, you deposit all you learned in the Cave of Creation
• When you reenter at the Wind of Birth, you pick up your previous lifetime deposits
• God does not punish you because you didn't do something right in your expression
• Reincarnation is a system for developing higher consciousness through a system of learning​

• It is natural and beautiful
• All old souls have experienced this transition
• Because the energy on Earth is evolving when you come in, your next expression, you won't have to             relearn anything as you have in the past: not spiritually, love, job, etc
• Your spiritual growth will accelerate because of this
• You jointly and in cooperation select your friends, family & acquaintances 
• Old Souls may come into an expression to help those around become enlightened
• Your children can be older souls than you. They are here to help you evolve
​• You come in willing & excited​

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