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Which Of The 4 Elements Is Lacking In Your Life: Earth, Water, Air, Or Fire?

stones with images of fire, water, air, earth

The 4 main elements are earth, water, air, and fire. Ancient civilizations believed the world, including mankind, was made up of these 4 elements, and these 4 elements are necessary to create a balanced and healthy life in the physical realm. Select one card to find out what element you are lacking and how you can implement this element into your life.

1. Earth
You have difficulty focusing and carrying your thoughts/ideas through to completion. Many distractions keep getting in the way of the task at hand. Ideas and creativity are not the issue; the following to fruition is the challenge. By sticking to a routine, staying disciplined, and grounding yourself by connecting with nature, you can complete those awesome ideas in the physical plane.

2. Water 
Water is constantly moving and flowing and is connected with our emotions. Is it possible that you have lost your passion and desire for the current path that you are on? What happens when water is not flowing? It can build up, causing a significant leak, and it can also become toxic with bacteria and polluted. To embrace the element of water, allow yourself to be more flexible and go with the flow of life rather than resist change. It isn't pleasant to find ourselves stuck in the same unfulfilling storylines that have been playing out for years. The natural flow of life will take you to places where you can be passionate and excited about your journey. Increasing your water intake, taking a cleansing bath, or going for a swim will help you connect with this element.

3. Air 
The element of air is all about the mind, planning and seeking, and utilizing the knowledge we have gained to strategize and map out our path. Planning and thinking before acting is essential to personal fulfillment and success. This is the one area you are lacking these days. It is time to up your game when it comes to challenging yourself mentally and intellectually. There is a time and place for being passive...this is not the time for you to sit back and be tolerant. You already know what is required of you to make things happen. This is the first step. As you formulate your plan for this year, things will begin to fall into place beautifully and quickly. Peppermint aromatherapy will help you stay sharp and crisp as you connect with the air element.

4. Fire 
The element of fire is a combination of spirit (our higher power) and our personality/human self. When we listen to that inner voice and bring that wisdom through the planes of consciousness to life, there is a magical and alchemical creation that is divinely inspired and protected. If you would like to bring that fire element into your life try meditating, journaling, and spending time alone where you are able to hear your higher power more clearly. The higher self does often speak to us through our dreams, therefore, keeping and writing in your dream journal will keep the lines of communication open with your higher self. ​

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