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Find Out Which Soul Contract You Are Working With By Selecting A Feather 

3 beautiful watercolor feather

A soul contract is an agreement between two souls who are both in agreement before either incarnate on the planet to meet each other for specific purposes. Each one of us has many different contracts with the souls we encounter in our lives. Each challenge and blessing has a purpose for the spiritual evolution of both parties. When we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we have the potential to heal aspects of our soul, grow as a soul entity, and experience personal fulfillment in our lives.

Select the card that resonates the most with you to find out what soul contract theme you are currently experiencing. 

Purple tones on a feather

1. Fear/Lack Of Consciousness  
Have noticed that you are constantly trying to get ahead and when you do have extra money in your bank account a surprise expense comes up and there goes your financial cushion? Over time, you begin to wonder if you will ever get ahead and are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The key here is to not allow your fear of not having enough to keep you from breaking free from these financial limitations. The question is: Are these experiences happening because you are not supposed to be abundant OR do you have strong beliefs in place that every time you get ahead that something will come along and take away what you have worked so hard to get? Your soul contract is to work through lack consciousness. Chances are you have been brought up in an environment where times were tough and there may have been just enough to get by. Make a new promise to yourself that you will try your best to rewire your thought processes and train your mind to not go into projecting the thoughts that when you have extra, it will be taken away. You CAN slowly get ahead financially, but it is going to take a lot of effort on your part to catch yourself with what you say and think, but it can be done.

purple tones on a feather

2. Self-Confidence/Identity
Do you feel uncomfortable in the spotlight when the attention is focused on you? Do you find yourself putting other people's needs before your own? Could it be possible that you do these things unconsciously because your identity is strongly tied to the approval of others? Your soul contract and assignment is to discover who you are as an individual and nurture and share your gifts with the world. Yes, it is lovely and necessary to support others. However, you often prioritize other people's needs before your own. You are doing for others sometimes without them asking for assistance, and you are let down because they did not request your help in the first place. Your identity is tied to how others feel about you. You are also setting yourself up for disappointment and attracting people who may take advantage of your giving nature. Starting today, begin every day with healthy mantras or affirmations encouraging you to make the most of every day and that you are fully stepping into and embracing your power. Next, please take a look at your passions and skill sets and take the necessary steps to embrace them by making time for these passions and interests. Your job is to show up and prioritize your goals, and spirit will take care of the rest. The last step is to resist the urge to mother and nurture everyone and turn that loving energy inward.

Pink tones on a feather

3. Abandonment/Letting Go/Fear of Change
Do you stay in relationships and situations longer than necessary? Do you find yourself sometimes in unhealthy and co-dependent relationships both personal and professional? It is quite possible your soul contract is that you struggle with abandonment and have a fear of being alone. It's not that you are unaware of the toxicity and that situations aren't for your highest and best good, it's that you are afraid of change, are a creature of habit and being in an unhealthy situation is better than being alone. The suggestion from spirit to help you work through this is to go within and work on your connection with source. If you go inwards, you will find you have all you need to fill your cup up and that you are a strong individual that is part of a magnificent soul that is wise beyond measure. It might also be helpful to find out where the abandonment fear began. You might already know when your fear of letting go started. It is now the perfect time to heal that wound and learn how to walk away with confidence and integrity from the situations that you know are not for your highest and best good. 


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