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Select One Symbol To Reveal Your Major Life Theme

3 abstract colorful cards
abstract circles on a card

1. Perfect Alignment - If you have been observing your reality lately, you may have already noticed that you have begun attracting different types of people and opportunities. You have been moving into a more expanded state of consciousness/belief system that supports abundance, joy, love, and success. The Laws of Divine Attraction are most certainly always at play, and you can now celebrate that in the least a few areas of your life, you are in the flow, the vortex of juicy awesomeness! Please take the time to celebrate these victories because you worked so hard to get here.

abstract bubbles on a card
colorful abstract art on a card

2. Taking the High Road - Spirit reminds you that you don't have to participate in every disagreement or chaotic conversation you are invited to. Nor do you have to match the emotionally charged responses of the other party. Oh, of course, there will be situations when and where you will lose your s#$t; however, there are some situations where you can apply your well-earned higher consciousness to the current conditions, and in doing so, you will continue to raise your consciousness.

3. Cherish Your Healthy Relationships - Even though some rough patches exist in some of your relationships, there are still some supportive and loving relationship connections in your life. Let's shift the focus from the challenging and toxic relationships to the joy-filled and loving ones that feed our souls. These healthy relationships DESERVE most of our attention and focus rather than the ones that keep us up at night. By default, with the Laws of Attraction, we align and attract what we focus upon. Therefore, by shifting our attention from the challenging to the healthy, we will manifest and align with the partnerships for our highest and best good.


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