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What's Your Message From Spirit? Select A Symbol 

3 Purple symbols

Now is a time of fresh beginnings and is always a great time to start a new journey. Remember that to make room for the new, and it is best to release what does not serve us anymore.

Select the image that calls to your soul to find out what your psychic message is.​

purple hour glass symbol

1. The solutions you are seeking are woven within your experiences. Look past the suffering, the unfortunate, and the injustices you have experienced. Much wisdom has already been gained from all you have been through. These experiences have brought you to places of higher understanding. You are becoming wiser and wiser with each situation that you have navigated through. Take time to go within to obtain the answers you are seeking. You can access sage wisdom within yourself.

purple star symbol

2. For things to shift for you, you must make room for the new to come on in. The unknown may be a belief system, a new process, or a new way of eating and exercising. It may be several different things, depending on what shifts you want to create in your life. Making a room may consist of many other things. You most likely already know what no longer serves you, and it is up to YOU to create those changes. The sooner you allow what doesn't serve to move out, the sooner the positive desired shifts will start flowing in.

purple q symbol

3. There is no doubt that you've been under tremendous stress these days. You have been doing a fantastic job of keeping it together, and now it is time to take a bit of a breather. The suggestion is to take a day or two off, meditate, journal, and give yourself time to contemplate the recent events and regroup your thoughts now that you have even more clarity due to overcoming the current challenges. There is one more hurdle to overcome, which is why allowing yourself time to reset your energy, thoughts, and emotions is so important. You've got this!


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