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7 Gut Instincts You Shouldn't Ignore

woman with hands over heart

Do you ever have a strong feeling about something or someone that tells you something is right or wrong, and you don't know why? 

​That feeling is your gut instinct guiding you, and you must pay attention to it. Your gut instinct has nothing to do with logic. It's a powerful feeling that we all get that is known as our intuition.

Our gut instinct is also called the innate, our second brain; if we pay close attention to what it tells us, we will proceed through life armed with superpowers! 

These are 7 GUT INSTINCTS we should never ignore:


1. You are somewhere, and everything looks fine, but your gut tells you that something feels off even though there is no logic to support that feeling


2. Something or someone feels right to you, even though you logically don't know why


3. You are in an intimate relationship with someone, and a little voice tells you this doesn't feel right

4. You sense that something is off with your health 


5. You are in a situation, and something tells you to leave now


6. You strongly desire to help someone you see, but you don't know

7. Something comes naturally to you; go with the flow even though you're unsure why

While our gut feelings about situations may not always be rational or correct, we should never categorically dismiss or ignore them. That higher voice is there to guide us through life. Tapping into the unconscious observations we receive as we journey through our lives can make a huge difference in our safety, health, relationships, and success. 

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