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We all have strengths within our personalities that we don't fully embrace. These traits were meant to be utilized for our individual paths and shared with the world. Pick one shell to discover the personality trait that will help improve your life. Once this aspect is revealed, own it, and don't be afraid to utilize it!

watercolor circle with a crab in center
watercolor symbol with a white symbol

1. You Are More Intuitive Than You May Realize 
​Your intuition is at an all-time high, and it is imperative that you pay attention, listen, trust, and act upon these intuitive nudges that you are experiencing. In life, we often seek counsel from others when we know the answer and what is best for us. Chances are that if you receive the same message 3xs in a row, you are definitely on to something solid. Pay special attention to your dreams as well as your gut impressions.

2. You Are a Natural Born Leader
You influence others much more than you may realize, and many look to you for guidance and wisdom. Now is the time to confidently step into a role you can own with grace and wisdom. You will lead by example and inspire many as they observe you in this role. You may go where no other has gone before, and by doing so, you pave the way for others who may be too fearful to do so. 

watercolor symbol with a lion head center

3. You Are At Your Best When You Are Learning New Skills  
Your mind works best when challenged through education and learning something new. You may receive education while reading a how-to book, taking an online course, or even sitting in class listening to a lecture. Your mind requires stimulation by introducing new information regularly. If you feel stagnant and stuck, chances are it's time for you to challenge yourself by learning something new that piques your interest. 


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