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10 Signs That You Are An Empath

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No two Empaths are precisely alike, but all have unique gifts of compassion, intuition, healing, & energy readers. This article will help determine if you may be an Empath. 

10 Signs You Are An Empath

1. An empath has a deep sense of empathy and a constellation of profound characteristics that set them apart from “someone empathetic.”

2. An empath is
highly intuitive. An empath can scan someone and learn about their current, former, or future experiences. The awareness of this gift evolves. Young empaths see themselves as “highly sensitive” or “really good with people.”

3. Empaths often sense, feel, or take on the energy, mood, or condition of the people around them. Mood and energy management techniques are a must for Empaths.

4. An empath knows another person’s genuine emotions despite any attempt the other person makes to hide them or lie about them. Empaths have an excellent B.S. detector! Phonies and hypocrites can’t fool an Empath unless the empath wants to be fooled….

5. Empaths have a great inner desire to help others, to make them feel at ease. Empaths are profoundly compassionate, considerate, and understanding of others.


6. The empath’s gifts and sensitivities aren’t only with people close to them and strangers, animals, plants, and inanimate objects. Empathy isn’t bound by space or time; thus, the Empath will feel and react to situations or people from any distance around the globe. 

7. Many empaths intuitively learn to become highly observant and excellent readers of body language and eye movements. 

8. In the case of those who grew up with trauma, violence, severe dysfunction, addiction, or mental illness, hypervigilance (a constant state of “high alert” from a feeling of impending danger) often leads a person to become overwhelmingly attentive to remain safe in frightening situations. Hypervigilance can become a hard-wired response, even when no longer needed. There are many holistic and therapeutic remedies available. If you are hypervigilant and thus in a state of anxiety most of the time, please seek professional help. 

9. Empaths are drawn to healing professions, the medical field, and human/animal rights activism. They also rank highly in the expressive arts field, such as poetry, music, art, singing, acting, and dancing.

10. Empaths often develop into professionals in the Alternative and Spiritual Arts such as hypnotherapy, holistic, organic nutrition, psychic readers, energy and Reiki practitioners, holistic psychotherapists, animal communicators, caretakers, Social Workers, counselors, teachers, and more.

Empaths’ sensitivities can lead to challenging experiences that divert them until they understand and accept their innate gifts.  

The younger empaths today are becoming aware at earlier ages, which is helpful to them and the well-being of society and the world. Planet Earth needs all the gifted Empaths to come into service as soon as possible!

About the author: Rev. Denise M. Roberge is a lifelong Empath and spiritual intuitive. She is an ordained Metaphysical Minister with over 30 years in Social Work. Rev. Denise is a Spiritual Coach, teacher, intuitive reader, energy healer, medium/channel, writer, and inspirational speaker. Part of her mission is to assist in awakening Empaths and others in overcoming their blocks and finding access to their extraordinary gifts!  Articles written by Denise were published with the author's explicit written permission. 

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